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Thread: All of our squirrels are losing their tail fur

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    Default All of our squirrels are losing their tail fur

    It's Wisconsin-it's 0 degrees-I really don't think it's "shedding". We are noticing lately that now every squirrel in the neighborhood is losing his or her tail fur. The tails aren't bare-just very very thin fur. I know that normally they wrap their tails around their bodies to help keep warm. This has got to be either a mite or mange problem. But wouldn't you think the parasite would freeze in consistenly 0 degree weather? Can anyone shed some insight on this for me? No, it's not a predator as all of the squirrels are consistently the same. They do seem to scratch a lot also........the rest of their bodies look ok-but hey, it's Winter - we have 74 inches of snow and frankly, I just can't see their bodies that well. Whiteiris in WI

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    Default Re: All of our squirrels are losing their tail fur

    Parasites will not freeze in cold weather, is it possible you could alert a wilidlife rehibilitator in your area?
    Ivermectin will kill mites but has to be dosed very carefully.
    However having said that, Mange does not usually start at the tail?
    Can you possibly get a picture?

    Pa. licenced Rehabber

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