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    chipysquirrel Guest

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    Ihave a crippled baby need help for blistered private parts(wenie)he fell about 10 days ago but he is getting better he is moving his legs some now but has got infected now an need to know what to do for him as we love him so much.we can not get any help from vets here because as you know we are not alowed to have him in this state.any help you can give us would be greatful,please get back to me as soon as you can thanks chips mom an dad

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    GhosTS Guest

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    First of all to the squirrel board.If your not taking the baby to a vet just because its illigal to keep a squirrel, its a bad thing coz you are putting the life of the baby at risk.
    The blisters are caused by 2 things.1.he is not should clean him after his every meal with a damp warm cotton ball and let him poo, pee.& then he must be cleaned well.
    2.Babies suckle their body parts.that causes blisters sometimes.

    The best thing is to take him to a vet or a rehabber.

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    chipysquirrel Guest

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    i know that it is illegal in my state(which is crazy) but over the years i have raised lots of them(an released) with no prob this is my first time to have a problem.i do clean him after each meal an all during the day an night.i am checking in on getting my rehab there anything that i can give him or put on him any help would be great ps he's 5 mounths old his wenie is swelled a little (i,ve have tryed to take him to every vet around here but they refuse to see him

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    BuckeyeSqrl Guest

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    It sounds like irritation from urine. I would try to wipe him with a warm rag fairly often. You could also rub some triple antibiotic ointment on his parts. That will help to kill any infection.

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    chipysquirrel Guest

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    thanks BuckeyeSqrl,is there a certain brand triple antibiotic ointment i should get?

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    BuckeyeSqrl Guest

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    No particular brand. Just make sure it is a triple antibiotic ointment without pain killer. Ointment will work better than cream because it will repel moisture.

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    nutz4squirls Guest

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    If this squirrel is five months old than he shouldn't have any urine burns. That would make him about 20 weeks of age, he should be eating on his own and keeping himself clean. I would say their is something more going on with him such as a bladder infection. What has his diet consisted of and what kind of formula did you raise him on? Also, what kind of squirrel is he? Nutz

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    chipysquirrel Guest

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    chip is a grey,an we raised him on the puppy milk.he was doing just great until he fell in his cage about ten days ago,then he could not move his back legs.he is stating to get movement back in them now but has a red belly an his penis is swollen a little.the antibiotic ointment has allready made a big inprovement.he loves brocalli,green beans,carrots,collaflour,french fries,okra,apples,pecans,wildstrawberrys,parrot food,blackwalnuts an all kind of fruit.his fav is banna pop sickles.

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    Any news on Chip???
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