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Thread: Messed up feeding, clicking, help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MANGO View Post
    I got on a call with a vet. I explained her the symptoms and her conditions as of today morning. The vet told me to administer a levocetirizine based suspension 2 drops in the morning and at night. What do you think? is the antibiotics really not necessary?
    Hi Mango:
    Would you please verify that your baby Squirrel is back to her "regular self" and is active, interactive, paying, eating, pooping and peeing just like usual and that you do not notice anything different from how she was before the aspiration incident occurred. If so, that would IMO be justification for withholding the antibiotics and to continue to monitor her status another 48 hours and then if all is well, just retain the antibiotics tablet(s) (if not yet mixed but IF the antibiotic tablet has already been mixed, the mixture should be kept in the refrigerator and if not needed in the next few days it should be disposed of).

    Did you mention that you had antibiotics on hand and that your were concerned about whether or not your Squirrel should be given antibiotics? If so, it seems as if the Vet was not in favor of utilizing antibiotics. Please verify this and also verify that the Veterinarian did not actually see your Squirrel and all this was accomplished at a distance.

    I do not want to appear to be getting between you and your Veterinarian but Levocetirizine is an antihistamine is an antihistamine and its usual utilization is for an allergic mediated reaction. From what you have described this does not seem to be the case with your Squirrel. Did the Vet state his rationale for recommending this.

    I will be at work and unable to regularly access TSB but I will check-in as I am able. Others are also here for you and your Squirrel!


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    Default Re: Messed up feeding, clicking, help!

    Not sure about the antihistamine...but I have a pragmatic suggestion for you.

    Get your hands on that augmentin I dosed for you yesterday. Just tag it with the drug name and mg size and put it someplace safe - I keep meds in my fridge.

    The reaction you saw was so soon after his aspirating that what you were likely seeing was him coughing up the stuff that 'went down the wrong way.' That would mean that one of two things will happen.

    1. Within the next 24 hours I would think, you would begin to see depressed diet and lethargy and indeed, what went down the wrong way also was able to set up and become infected and he has A/P.


    2. He is absolutely fine because he was able to get it all out.

    So you hope for the 2nd, but it would be REALLY NICE to have the augmentin on hand in the house if #1 prevails.

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    Default Re: Messed up feeding, clicking, help!

    Jumping in here because I can't help myself LOL. Unless you hear clicking on both the inhale and exhale of his breathing you do not need the antibiotics however I don't personally think you need the levocetirizine either. It is an antihistamine like Benadryl and I don't see how this baby is showing any signs of an allergic reaction to anything. When we're talking about tiny critters less is more, and less is often best when it comes to giving them chemicals. Just my two cents!
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