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Thread: Help sick baby squirrel

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    Exclamation Help sick baby squirrel

    My husband's company he works for took down a bunch of trees and they found 5 baby red squirrels and they have been with me about 2 weeks and all but one has died I started with pedialyte then esbilac formula they was doing good and one by one kept getting sick and dying I couldn't figure it out I've done everything the same this time as I did last time and I didn't loose any babys 💔 I was using dog pee pads 😭 for a few days but they was sick with diareaha before that so I did pedialyte and then went to formula with still giving pedialyte i am not using puppy pads ever again!!! they just start looking weak lethargic and they pass I feel absolutely horrible about usung puppy pads for a few days I was changing it 2 x a day but still and using a heating pad couldn't have helped I just want to save this last lil one I have some different antibiotics I just need to know how much tp give and ect can someone please message me ? Thank you god bless I'm panicky I don't want to loose another baby it's heartbreaking 💔

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    Hold the baby to your ear and listen for a persistent clicking and let us know if the clicking is present.

    What antibiotics do you have, what strength are the antibiotics and how much does this baby weigh? All that info is necessary to assess if antibiotics are warranted and determine the proper dosages.

    Here is a link to a guide on baby squirrel care...
    Squirrel Advocate

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