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Thread: Is this an injury?

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    Default Is this an injury?

    I rescued a baby squirrel from two cats. I donít think the cats bit the baby squirrel. There was no blood or any visual injuries. The cats saw the baby squirrel, at the same time I came upon the cats and squirrel. So the cats got scared of my presence and ran away. the baby squirrel was on the sidewalk next to a large pawn tree. I believe the baby squirrel fell out of pawn tree and unto the sidewalk. Here are some photos. My question is the reddish/brownish flesh from the squirrels butt. At first I thought it was his anal tube protruding from his butt. Or is it poop? I tried to attach photos of the baby squirrels butt. I donít know how to attach photos to this thread or attach a URL. The baby squirrel does not appear to be in pain. No crying and no sounds of pain.

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    Try replying to the thread. There is a paper clip on the 3rd line down under the line that you can select font. Select that and then you should be able to either take or select a photo(s). Once selected I believe you select insert inline and then done. Its pretty close to that anyway.

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