Hey, everyone. Not sure if this is AP or not but wanted a second opinion just in case.

This is Katie, weighed tonight at 71g. I noticed this afternoon at feeding time that she didnít want as much food as usual and seemed more tired. Sheís always excited at meal time and she has been at every feeding today, but this particular feeding she just didnít want to finish. I checked her skin and she was a little dehydrated. The next feedings, I gave her Pedialyte. She took it well and finished 4ccís on every feeding. She also had much more energy.
But tonight after feeding, she ate all of the Pedialyte but also had some sneezing and started making some noises (mostly while asleep). It sounds like clicking to me but she doesnít do it all of the time and sometimes itís loud but other times itís quiet. What do you guys think? Iíve included some links to this thread of her doing it. Any help would be appreciated.

If this is AP or a cold, I may be able to get Amox-Clav 875-125mg tablets when the pharmacy opens tomorrow. Is this safe to use?