Marshmallow is his name. We got 4 babies at about 2-3 days old. 2 of them passed very quickly. The other 2 were bigger to begin with. My girl passed away 2 days ago after I noticed they had stopped gaining weight. I research so much that night to find I needed to go back to only Pedialyte. Upon the first feeding of just pedialyte I was to late and she didnít make it through the night. The last surviving boy is NOT DOING WELL AT ALL!!!I honestly didnít think he would make it past his sister by very long!!! I noticed the clicking when he breaths last night! He should be close to 2 weeks old now and only weighs 16 grams. He wonít drink just the pedialyte so I literally colored it with puppy formula just to give a little flavor. He is still urinating before and after feedings but hasnít pooped now in about 6 hours. I will be heading to the place where I think I can get antibiotics (Bombgars) in the morningÖ I canít help but feel guilty because he looks awful but is fighting like hell! Which in turn makes me keep fighting harder and harder to save him!!! He wonít eat off of a nipple either. I drip a drop onto my hand and he licks it upÖ I lightly bugger suck his nose after he eats because Iím pretty sure if he did aspirate thatís how it happenedÖ I have the feeling something happened to mama either at birth or right after. 2 babies were so small and sickly looking and the 2 strong ones started thriving at first! My kids and I are so attached to this little man and donít want to lose him but I cry just looking at him! He has fought so hard!

PS I did find amoxicillin 875MGÖ