Hello- I have a 3 1/2 year old red squirrel whom I have had since he was 3 weeks old (eyes closed, ears pinned back when found). He always dripped when peeing -never a full stream of urine. However, he seemed to be doing great until mid Jan. As of Jan., he would get bloated after eating and then started to pee blood. Followed a course of clavamox for 14 days, seemed to clear up . During this time, his energy levels never waned and his appetite was great - but the blood in urine returned after 2 weeks off the antibiotic. He is now on a course of Cipro (since last Wed) but his appetite is not there and he sleeps most of the day. I am using a 1 ML syringe and he is getting a bit past 0.1 ml Cipro (500 mg tab watered down with 11 ml water). The blood in urine is gone but for him to not have an appetite and be so sleepy is not the norm! I live in MA and am having a tough time finding someone to see him.
Up until this point, he was eating 1 1/2 - 2 Henrys blocks, yogurt in am and yogurt in pm (cranberry juice 100 % mixed in as I always felt he had a urinary tract issue and wanted to be sure he didn't run into problems), always fresh veggies (carrots, summer squash, brocolli, cauliflower & avocado occasionally) and a couple pieces of apple and or\blueberry.
I really hope that someone on this board can view and advise. I feel like I am trying everything but to not have the help to have him seen is frustrating. I feel so sad for my little guy and just want some help for him. Please if anyone has any ideas\suggestions, I would be very appreciative. Thanks