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Thread: 6 Year old, beautiful Gray Squirrel needs home, Michigan

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    Default 6 Year old, beautiful Gray Squirrel needs home, Michigan

    This post breaks my heart to pieces. My little baby girl, Rocky, a beautiful Eastern Gray is in need of a home. She has been with me since she was found on a sidewalk near a business, far from any trees, I don’t know she even made it there. She was injured and nursed back to health but she isn’t releasable. I’ve rescued several pinkies over the years and have had great success. The last 2 I rescued I introduced to Rocky in hopes she would interact with them, she didn’t. In fact, she never came out of her nest box whenever they were present. Now, due to a pending divorce, I have decided that she needs to be relocated as I’ve found that she is not being cared for like I cared for her. I’ve spoiled her and I want her to continue being spoiled

    So, I’ve decided to move out of the house and I just don’t trust her care to my spouse. That, and the fact I do not wish to initiate any form of contact with that spouse, is the main reason I need her re-homed. I don’t me to get too personal but I really need to find someone that would love her the way I have for the past 6+ years. If you can help, please message me and we can have more conversation.

    Thank you for taking the time to listen,

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