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Thread: New 7 week old squirrel

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    Default New 7 week old squirrel

    For several years we have been supporting our area squirrels and have anywhere between 7 and 20 in our yard in the mornings.

    We found a baby on Saturday afternoon who tried to follow several of the females and was batted back, he was attacked by another squirrel while in our yard, and was still by himself when it got dark, so we took him in. We placed him back outside first thing in the morning on Sunday for a few hours, but nobody claimed him.

    We are 90% confident he is 7 weeks old. On Sunday, he weighed 88 grams and had a cloudy eye. On Monday, he weighed 101 grams and his eye was almost completely clear. This tells me we were able to rehydrate him pretty well. He is strong, has an excellent appetite for pecans and grapes, and on Monday was extremely playful and energetic. He does not like our emergency goat milk formula so we are basically 'force feeding' him about 10 ml's a day (roughly 2 ml's every 2 hours).

    His digestive system appears to be good with normal and regular poops BUT we have not seen any pee. His penis is completely normal - no scab, we have tried to stimulate after every meal, he sleeps on me at night and during the day he sleeps on a white towel.

    What might be happening?

    Also, not knowing his history, and the fact that he will NOT accept the formula willingly, how much do we have to continue to feed him against his will vs monitor his weight on a solid food diet. I don't want to take away the formula completely in case he needs it later but 20 ml a day is a lot to do when he is so disinterested.

    Thank you so much for your time monitoring and providing this forum!!!!

    - Maggie & Josh

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