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Thread: Kidney disease experience?

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    First found as an injured infant, Atticus was taken into care and nursed back to health. As a maturing juvenile, he was released back to the wild to live out his days in freedom. Even so, he continued to have friendly contact with his surrogate squirrel mommy. At age eight, having been found to be very thin; he was taken into care by his friend, who again provided him comfort and supportive care feeding him by syringe. He was found to have a high level of protein in his urine, which as the attending vet explained, is indicative of kidney failure in older animals. Sadly, two days ago, Atticus passed in the safety, comfort, loving support and presence his lifelong true and faithful friend.

    In the ahead, amidst your sorrow of the passing of your beloved companion Atticus, with whom you shared part of the journey; may the Lord grant you His peace.

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