I rescued a baby flying squirrel that was being attacked by a neighbor dog. I brought it inside and looked it over, and its tail is the only thing that was scraped. Otherwise it looks normal. I weight it and itís 26.7 grams, so estimates around 4 weeks from what Iíve read. I rehydrated him with a small amount of pedialyte and he responded well. Very active within 30 min! Now Iíve been giving him 1/2 fox valley 33/30 white tail deer formula and 1/2 water. I havenít been able to find a feeding schedule with amount specifically for flying squirrels. Should I be using an overall squirrel feeding schedule? Also I have Mazuri rodent blocks on hand, but am wondering if anything else is recommended to introduce at this age as a soft diet? I was planning to get dried insects today. Thank you in advance!