Hi, so I’ve posted on here before about needing help with my girl that I rescued a little over a month ago. She’s doing great btw. Super healthy weighs 250 grams. So I started a new thread because yesterday afternoon I rescued a second squirrel. It’s a boy but he is SEVERELY malnourished, I’m not sure if he is from the same litter as my girl but I doubt it because I’m 99% sure the girl I rescued’s mama got killed about a month ago. He looks to be about the same age ish as my girl (roughly 7 weeks) but maybe younger. He is TINY, about 1/4th the size of my girl. eyes open, bottom teeth have come in, top are in but not very long, he was trapped inbetween a screen door, I freed him and then left him for a couple of hours and watched from a distance to see if mama would come but she didn’t (even with him screaming for a few hours) it became dark so I took him in. He weighs maybe 60 grams if even that, just guessing (I havnt gotten a chance to weigh him yet) he will not eat or drink anything, he’s gotton maybe 2 tiny drops of honey water and he didn’t willingly drink it. I don’t know what to do. You can see his ribs. He still has energy thankfully but I know he can’t go much longer without water. He is fully haired but im still keeping him in a container with half of it heated to help him not burn excess calories. I tried offering him solids as well just to see if he would even be interested in that, even tho I know he needs water first I just wanted to see if he would even touch it, and he won’t, same with formula. I don’t know what else to do and I’m worried he’s not going to make it.