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Thread: Baby squirrel with possible head trauma

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    Default Baby squirrel with possible head trauma

    Good evening!

    I found a baby squirrel about 6 weeks old, she weighs 165g and looks in generally good condition. I've had her on a heating pad for a few hours already and have given her pedialyte every 30 min or so since then. She has drank a little formula but not much. When I cleaned her mouth I noticed a little dried blood by her nose after I saw the rust color on the white towel. She sneezes every so often. I believe she may have fallen from the nest and mama squirrel won't have her. She sniffed her and hopped away to eat a peanut. It was the second day she was on the ground. She sometimes walks in a circle but does have use of all limbs except she is not so much as walking as she is "swimming". She'll grab forward with front paw and push with her back legs. Her tail has gone up and over her back and she's stood up for a second to stumble and fall to her side. Her eyes are bright but look like she is in pain. I am also a recently license wildlife rehabilitator, and have released two babies already but this is my first not so good looking little one. Please help.

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