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Thread: Help for 13 striped ground squirrel

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    Default Help for 13 striped ground squirrel

    I'm unsure age, don't have the best scale. Said 5 grams so probably between 4.5-5.5 grams. He was in a cats mouth being carried by scruff. I have found no wounds. He's not dehydrated and regained energy after he warmed up. I have rehab supplies and knowledge, just not for these guys.
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    Default Re: Help for 13 striped ground squirrel

    So we have two DIFFERENT people simultaneously posting about a squirrel type we almost never see with virtually the same post title? Ok...

    4.5-5 grams is WAY too little - might the scale have been on ounces? A quarter weighs more than 5 grams.

    I am very concerned about this baby being in a cat's mouth. Most intake protocol is to put any cat caught animal regardless of visible wounds on prophylactic antibiotics due to the high chance of getting pasturella from the cat. Top choices would be amoxicillin clavulanate or cipro or baytril.

    I don't know when these guys leave mama but I bet this little one is weaned or close to it. Have you tried feeding?

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