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    I noticed a few bald spots on Smokey 's back several weeks ago, I believe it's mites. Smokey is a one pound one year old black squirrel. It seemed to be getting worse. I gave him a bath in dawn dish soap, didn't seem to make any difference. Several days later I put revolution topical (selamectin) on a q-tip and rubbed it on his back. Didn't make a difference. A week later, I put a drop between his shoulder blades. Still no change, so Friday a week later I put two drops on him. I don't want to over dose him. I'm wondering if it was enough? Is there anything else I can do besides using ivermectin to eliminate these mites?

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    Stop adding more Revolution. It is dosed at a couple drops every 30 days.

    It can take a while for the fur to begin to regrow, too - it doesn't happen like magic.

    If it is mange mites, the skin will be red, crusty and inflamed looking. What does it look like?

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