Hello, I am not in Toronto but I have a friend there who had two squirrels that were abandoned/mother died. After a few days-ish (unsure of the exact amount of time), one of the squirrels became lethargic and passed away a couple days later. I'm almost positive the other has aspirated and needs antibiotics asap, and he has been battling lethargy as well. She has been giving him amoxicillin but has run out. She's not had a baby squirrel to care for this young before and is struggling. Since I am in the states (and NC at that) I am unable to assist her any further and require a rehabber in her area's assistance if at all possible. I gave her all the information I have from Henry's Healthy Pets and she has been feeding him Esbilac puppy formula (she doesn't have the funds to purchase anything else at this point). Please help!