My wife and I are raising our first squirrels. Three gray squirrels who were living in our Maple tree until mama disappeared. So far so great! We've been feeding them Fox Valley and HHB. They're all between 250-290g which puts them MAYBE in the 8-10 week range?

Lately they have all stopped taking formula. They spend more time trying to chew off the nipple. They do eat veggies, including broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, lettuce, carrots, and butternut squash. So I imagine they're weaning themselves, but should I continue to try formula once or twice a day? Someone in another thread mentioned waking them up at night to feed them but they still don't seem to care for it.

But what's more troublesome I guess is their addiction to the HHB! Now when I come around with veggies they nibble on them but throw them down and frantically run about until they get their blocks. If I leave they begrudgingly eat their veggies (I watch them through the window so I see them eating). The package says 2-3 blocks a day but they are eating a lot more than that. Is this ok? I'm concerned about them after release if they're this attached to the blocks.

Oh I should mention I also feed them branches from their maple tree and they do seem to enjoy those as well.