Found mine after storm had weakened nest I think and presumably was an owl, was at night and saw huge bird.
Was on ground all night squawking and mom never came. Took care of him. He is about a month and a half to 2 months old.
Want to set him free now because not getting along with wife and keeps peeing on me, after she was the one that rescued him but maybe because I'm the one that plays with him the most and put everything together in cage and nest in cage.

We are in kind of rural area in Westmoreland county Virginia and don't want to just let him go to be mauled by other squirrels or by a predator too soon.
Have a squirrel net thing he can run around and outside to get him more used to be an out there, but don't know if I could just take his current stuff and put up on a low branch of a tree 8ft up to start or just let him build his own.
Before we got stuff for bottom, had Already accidentally released him when was shaking off sheets we had at bottom of cage and didn't know he had curled up in there to sleep I thought he was in top nest area and he didn't wake up or come out whole time I was cleaning bottom out. Then when shaking them out before laundry, he pops out freaked out and took off running every direction before realizing there was a tree there and ran up it.
But after a few minutes he ran back down and up me.