So I am located in MO and currently have a litter of 4 grays that are now 5 weeks old. A relative in CO recently found two babies around the same age and are struggling to keep them alive. My other relatives who are there visiting right now were hoping to bring the babies back to me when they come back which is totally fine EXCEPT, they just sent me a picture and these babies are fox squirrels.
I’m assuming I probably wouldn’t be able to mix the litters together since they will be different sizes/temperaments which is also fine.

But I am wondering if it is even okay/a good idea for them to bring them back. There are fox squirrels here in MO but not in the more urban area that I live, so I likely wouldn’t be able to release them here.

I just wanted to hear everyone’s thoughts on this if anyone else lives in an area that has multiple species on how they release and if there is any cohabitation in areas. My options are pretty much:

A. Have them brought back to MO and eventually soft release them around me where there is not currently fox squirrels- not sounding like a good option to me and I have no idea the effect the fox/grays would have on each other living close together.

B. Have them brought back to MO, and have a more “hard” release on my friends farm in a neighboring town approx 50 minutes away that IS currently populated with fox squirrels, but they would likely not have the ability to continue to provide food everyday after release.

C. Find a rehabber in the Aurora/Denver CO area who could take these babies. Do we have any contacts there??