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Thread: Esbilac is making my baby squirrels skinny

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    Unhappy Esbilac is making my baby squirrels skinny

    hellooo, so i saved 4 squirrels that fell off their nests and i started feeding them "Nido" which did not cause bloating at all but unfortunately 2 died and i dont think it was the milk but since then i changed to "Esbilac" and ive been trying to feed them it for weeks and they just wont gain weigh like they did with the "Nido" so i really want to switch back because they were wayyyy healthier but im afraid i might do the wrong thing

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    Default Re: Esbilac is making my baby squirrels skinny

    Please don't go back to the Nido. That is a milk replacer for humans and not appropriate for rodents or any small mammals. The Esbilac is what you do want to use but only the powdered variety, never the liquid. You also want to order some Fox Valley Ultra Boost, a milk additive which is miraculous for baby squirrels over 2 weeks old: it builds them up and ensures that they grow strong with thick fur and solid bones. I believe the Nido is what bloated your squirrels -- not your fault, but please use Esbilac powder with the Ultra Boost mixed in. Keep us posted! carries the Ultra Boost.
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    Default Re: Esbilac is making my baby squirrels skinny

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