We recently rescued a Southern Flying Squirrel. Rowdy is now around 6-7 weeks (as best we can determine) He is starting to wean himself off of the replacement formula. Once he does this completely I just need to know that what I am feeding him daily is correct or not and what is best. I have done tons of research and reading in the last few weeks, there is so much contradictory info out there.....but this is what I have determined and done so far.... Please let me know what I am doing right and what I am doing wrong!

1. feed fresh veggies freely (so far I have been giving spring mix lettuce and cabbage)
2. feed nuts & fruits daily but only small amount (so far I have been giving him 2 tiny pieces of apple and 1 nut)
3. I also have been giving him a small animal rodent feed by Dumar which consists of pellets and seeds.....I have read conflicting things on feeding this, some say no
and some say yes....so I need advice on this.
4. Are there certain fruits and veggies that should not be fed?
5. I see some people feed their squirrels yogurt...should I be doing this?

I have read all about the HHB's and I have ordered those so will start feeding those on the daily as soon as they arrive.

Any advice on the correct things to feed is appreciated!

Thank You,