Ugh . . His nest would be taken over after only 4 days of being gone?! Shoot. We have thought about putting up a nest box, but we would have to hire someone, as we don't have a ladder tall enough or the skills to not kill ourselves lol. In terms of an enclosure first, we don't have that option. Any thoughts on how difficult it would be for him to find a nest if released back here in the morning (as to provide the whole day to figure it out)? I will say, that I've seen him in two different nests (1 of the 2 was more preferred for overnighting, as we saw him transfer from one to this other, higher up one, as it got dark). I would hope that this would increase his chances of having a home. It's just cold here in Illinois, so I'm concerned. If he's released at the rehabber's place, it would be unfamiliar and different (our suburbs vs rural). She says they have lots of squirrels there and nut trees so that sounds good, but again, rural, so way more owls, hawks and other predators than what we see here (infrequent hawk sighting and a couple cats that roam free). Taking the nest situation out of the equation, do people feel like some sort of soft-release is necessary (or after how long in captivity would it be necessary). I wouldn't think it would take too long for this injury to heal and thought he could get a hard release. I can't imagine he would be too happy about being outside but still in a cage. I will hopefully chat w/ the rehabber tomorrow, but would love to hear your (the boards) thoughts, too.