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Thread: A question about antibiotics

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    Default A question about antibiotics

    I do have another thread running about our squirrel where Baytrol gas had no effect on a respiratory issue but I wanted a start thread about the effectiveness of antibiotics in general

    We have been given new antibiotics to be administered 1st Amoclan and the 2nd, is Metronidasool/Metronidazole, they are both in liquid format

    We find it extremely difficult to administer the antibiotics, and we have sporadic success in trying to soak a small piece of cake, peanut butter or anything else... she is one fussy squirrel

    So we are currently taking all food away and leaving titbits of antibiotic soaks food.

    My question is, if you leave a small piece of something like peanut butter soaked in a dose of antibiotics liquid and leave it for a few hours, does the antibiotic still hold its potency after a while?
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