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    **Antibiotic dosage needed please **

    Hi everyone. Iím UK-based. We need antibiotic dosing advice please for our *wild* grey squirrel friend who lost her tail (we suspect possibly infected, partly necrotic tissue). We befriended her in a local wooded area we commonly walk through and weíve been feeding her every day for a year and a half. On Christmas Day, she had her tail bitten off (suspect dog attack, but there are also cats in the area). Initially, there were a few inches of floppy skin and fur hanging off. A few days ago, that fell off or she gnawed it off. What was left was what looked like red raw flesh and bone, sticking out of skin casing (the tail skin/ glove was a bit shorter than the red nub). Since a couple of days ago, the red nub got darker and there is much less swelling/ it has retracted into the skin. We thought scabbing, but now it looks quite dark and Iím wondering about necrotic tissue and an infection.
    The skin under the tail and around the injured nub seems pink and she is able to move whatís left of her tail well (Iíve seen her do the up and down danger signal with it). She moves well (even though more cautious in trees) and is eating well (hazelnuts, avocado, walnuts, etc.) and even asking us for nuts in shell to bury for her stash. She seems herself, behaviour-wise and Iíve even seen her chase a squirrel away (she was always dominant in the area). she is more anxious but that's normal I think after an attack.

    Please, could you help us with treating her infected tail? I am very worried about her tail if there is an infection and necrosis. Local rehabber will not take her (have been told point blank that the law does not allow it, given eastern greys are considered an invasive species) and that she wouldnít survive without her tail anyway. Now, I know theyíre hugely impaired without a tail. But I have also heard of enough squirrels managing ok without one.
    Vets wonít treat unless to pts, Iíve been told. I would happily have paid to treat her and get her released again but that's illegal.

    So, after some research I have ordered Baytril 10% (pets). I also have Clavamox/ Amoxiclav but the latter is for humans. Baytril 10% is liquid. I also have pill form Enrofloxacin (5 mg pills for pets). We canít handle her, she wonít allow it. Iím thinking liquid will be easier to administer on a nut. Is it safe? Iíve seen something on a thread about possible neurological damage. But perhaps thatís a risk worth taking with her tail. Iíd be very grateful for your advice regarding dosing and administering of the antibiotic, and any other advice you might have about her tail. Anything topical I can squirt on her tail without pain? We did saline wash once or twice but it freaked her out, so we stopped (more important she gets food, we figured). We love her very much and it looks like weíre the only chance sheís got. Please tell me something can be done to help her. Thanks very much!

    Photo 1: her tail now
    Photo with red arrow: tail nub injury a few days ago for comparison
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