Hello! I have a beloved pet squirrel named Dillita. My cat brought her home at only 2 weeks in the summer of 2020 and my family and I did a lot of research to raise her. She grew up to be a beautiful and healthy squirrel.
However, my parents both work full time jobs and as a premed my life gets busier every year, with internships, work-study jobs and classes, leaving little to no time to dedicate to Dillita. We live in South Florida and would love for a rehabber or dedicated individual to take care of her and give her the attention she needs.

Dillita is playful and loving and understands commands.
* Obedient- she knows play time is over when I start tapping on her cage while calling her name, and will eventually make her way inside. I ensure to give her a peanut (right after, not before) to let her know she did a good job.

* Dillita must get on the top rack of her cage before I give her food.
* She knows she can climb on anything except people (because we don't allow her).
* She understands no as a firm (nuh uh).
* Loves to cuddle and be carried when she's sleepy.
*No teeth trimming required. will naturally trim incisors as long as you leave a small log or branch inside cage that she can chew on. Will also appreciate cuttlebone and store-bought woods (like apple sticks and lemon branches).
* Not a picky eater. Has a variegated diet and will eat any fruit/vegetable given. Loves her squirrel blocks from Henry's Healthy Pets. I feed her two blocks a day.

* Extremely guarding of her food- No petting or handling while she's eating. She likes to be left alone in her cage and prefers to be at least 2 feet away from anyone when eating. I am not sure why because we weaned her off formula at around 9-10 weeks by introducing squirrel blocks hand-to-mouth. Reprimanding for this behavior is not effective, so it's best to just leave her be. She is herself once her food is finished or she is too full to eat anymore. (You're not you when you're hungry lol).
* Doesn't like to be maneuvered/carried when she's actively playing and running around, but will not bite if you do. Every time I have to pick her up she will just nibble my fingers as a way to convey "Put me down!"

It is devastating to have to let her go, but we want the best life for Dillita and I know I am no longer able to provide her that. We do not wish to take her to a wildlife rehab as they will most likely euthanize due to inability to adapt to the wild.
Please let me know if you are interested or know of anyone who could be.