I'm relatively new to rehabbing and I have had such issues with my latest two babies brother and sister. They were found at about 1 1/2 - 2 weeks old in a puddle and had aspiration pneumonia and were seriously underweight. I got them on antibiotics and the male seemed to bounce back fairly quickly the female on the other hand struggled. She would move off the heating pad and just seemed like she wanted to give up and she would gain a couple grams and the hold that weight a few days then repeat despite adding ultraboost to her formula and beingfed every 3 hours. She would also go into a feeding trance with every feeding.

Now at around 6 1/2 weeks she's only 70g her tail isn't bushy like her brothers she walks funny and often falls over where he is 140g and running and climbing. I was hoping she'd start to gain a little extra with the introduction of Henry's healthy blocks but she's completely uninterested but she'll nibble on the crumbs her brother leaves behind from his blocks. I'm worried that I'm missing something does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?