Help! My non-releasable squirrel, Nugget, has not acted well since last night. Squeaking when I got him from a nest last night to put him in his enclosure for the night and did not come out much at all yesterday. When I went to get him this morning, he was squeaking again and did not want to come out. When I did get him out he drank some water and ate a Henry's block but wanted to go back to bed. i noticed his hind legs were weaker than normal (he is partially paralyzed in hind limbs) and was not moving well. He also has had low blood calcium levels on last vet visit and I have been supplementing calcium in almond butter in addition to occasionally ginding up a tums and giving it to him by syringe, also making sure he eats his henry's blocks and decreasing his nuts, also added uva/uvb light in his enclosure- so I am thinking his calcium levels couldnt be dropping more. I am so scared because I heard a little congestion at one point and there is a nasty respiratory illness going around and killing squirrels and even affecting non-releasable squirrels. I am just at a loss as to what to do next and a little frantic.
Any guidance is greatly appreciated.
Thank you!