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Thread: Need some advice about an attic squirrel

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    Default Need some advice about an attic squirrel


    I need some advice regarding a squirrel who made a home in my attic. Long story short it took me 3 weeks to catch him but I did... right as the freezing weather started. He cannot live in my attic, but it's cold outside and he had a good 30 pounds of walnuts stored up there. I have already removed 23.2 pounds of those walnuts.

    So now I have this squirrel who I can't in good conscience release into the cold. I was also gunna wait to release him after his entry point was repaired...which STILL HASNT HAPPENED. I'm in an HOA so that's a whole separate thing. Regardless, I don't know what to do with this little bugger. Do I house him over the winter, or can I release him when the hole is fixed....which could easily be a few more weeks given how long I've been on them about this.

    I considered looking up a rehabber who might have a better space for him to winter, but I'm afraid they're gunna yell at me or shame me for capturing a squirrel. Also almost every rehabber specifies orphaned or injured only. This squirrel could pass as injured, because his back right leg doesnt seem to work, it just kinda dangles there...i think something might be up with his tail too but he functions just fine and stored 30lbs. of walnuts by himself. Prior to capture, I'd see him trying to get to my bird feeder right along side the other squirrels. It took a while to notice why exactly his gait didn't look quite right.

    Im frantically searching for advice but nobody is talking about what to do about evicting an attic squirrel this close to winter. The most advice I've seen about it is "drive them out before its cold." ...welp...too late for now what....

    The cage he's in now is too small for long term housing, I know that much, but do I need to overwinter him because its so close to winter? I'm not opposed to building an enclosure, but it would have to be placed in my garage (which has a long tall picture window) or up against my house on my little porch area as to not call the attention of the HOA (I can't have like, structures in my little yard). I just feel so bad watching him on the little camera I set up to monitor him. He just wants out and I'm like "dude, I can't let you out because you'll go into my attic and be either trapped or abruptly blocked out."

    Any advice on what to do here? I'm stuck...also it's an American red idea how old.

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