I tried to feed the 5 week old flying squirrel his formula with a syringe with miracle nipple on it but I can't get him to take it. He licked some formula off my hand and after I dunked the syringle in hot water I got him to grab it for a second once or two but he's not taking hardly any of his formula... the main problem is he doesn't want anything to do with the nipple and keeps pushing it away and/or running away from it, even if I hold him still he doesn't want it near his face, also tried gentlely pushing it into his mouth What else can I try? He grabbed a tiny piece of apple (no skin) off my hand and went under a piece of fleece with it, he seemed to be eating the apple but I'm worried that he didn't eat much of his formula. He's 29grams right now and his eyes are open and seems to have a full coat of fur.