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Thread: Need help finding place for young squirrel in Alabama

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    Default Need help finding place for young squirrel in Alabama

    We found a baby squirrel Sept 8. Her eyes weren't opened. Our dog found her and was making quite a fuss, but wouldn't let other dogs near her, but there were several around. No idea if she was orphaned or fell out of her nest or what. We decided to bring her inside so the dogs wouldn't kill her. We went to tractor supply and there was a nice man there that helped us determine that she wasn't injured and got us started with basic care. I had no idea if she would live, but she did well. She mostly just slept and ate for a few weeks. She seems healthy and roughly she's about 12 weeks old. She still likes the Fox Valley milk and eats Henry's squirrel blocks, too. We tried to get her acclimated to outside, but she seems to hate it. We also have a ton of cats (my neighbor has a somewhat feral cat collection as they don't seem to spay or neuter and they end up living around my house). As soon as I took the squirrel cage outside, two of the cats started stalking her. The squirrel, of course, was afraid and hated being outside. I just don't know what to do with her. I think she would be releasable without all the cats. Or would she be okay with the cats stalking her? She really seemed relieved to come back inside at night. I wish she had siblings or other squirrels to learn with. I never intended to keep her, but I want her to have a good chance. She isn't very tame but likes my teenage daughter. I also don't want to take her somewhere just to be euthanized. But I think she needs a bigger space if she needs to wait until spring to be released. All that to say, if there's a rehabber around, that would be great, but I know Alabama makes it tricky. Or some tips on how to make the outdoors less stressful for her. My plan was to evenutally leave the cage on the porch with her bed and some food over winter, but I don't think that's going to work with the cat situation. We have enjoyed her. This is our first squirrel experience and we have been suprised at how clever and funny she is.

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    Default Re: Need help finding place for young squirrel in Alabama

    I'm glad that you have had a good experience with your first squirrel, and that she has done well. It's interesting to me that your dog found her and not any of the cats? If she was in your yard, than there are squirrels that ARE living nearby even with all the cats? Do you have any area of your yard that you could put an RC that is near a group of trees, so when released she can get up and away from the cats? I'm not saying that releasing her in a yard with all the cats is the best, but if she was already living out there, than maybe they are dealing ok with the cats, just thoughts. Maybe you will find someone nearby who has a better area to release.

    If you were to put her outside in a cage, you would have to be clever as to how to do it in such a way that she is not feeling stalked by the cats, get her up high or something, to find out if she does like it outside.

    I wish you the best.

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    Default Re: Need help finding place for young squirrel in Alabama

    Are u willing to travel?

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