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Thread: 2 month old baby unknown passing

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    Default 2 month old baby unknown passing

    Rescued a 33 gram baby. Was doing very well for 2 months. Ate breakfast, pooped, and seemed fine. 3 hours later he passed in his cage. He had been to vet, was dewormed 1 month ago. Any possible reasons would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Default Re: 2 month old baby unknown passing

    I don't have any ideas I just wanted to say how sorry I am 😥
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    Default Re: 2 month old baby unknown passing

    Unfortunately for captives/ kept squirrels, some of these unexplained "sudden passing's" can be related to an improper diet for a squirrel's nutritional requirements. It can be a delicate balance.
    If you can tell us what his daily diet was and all that he was fed we can possibly help you to better understand or even to rule that out.
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  4. Serious fuzzy thank you's to stepnstone from:

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