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Thread: Southeast Michigan Rehabber Inquiry

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    Hi all!

    So this experience Iíve had and continue to have with squirrel rescue has helped me realize a serious interest in rescue and rehab. I have always wanted to work with animals, but was unsure as to what specific field to pursue. Iím lucky to be in a position at the moment to be able to take on unpaid volunteer/internship work and would like to become involved with a rehab facility.

    I am able to find plenty of rehabs within a reasonable distance, but was curious as to whether all you wonderful folks on here know of any rehabbers in Southeast Michigan that take on interns or that you would particularly recommend. Of course not all facilities and rehabbers are the same. Iím sure there is a spectrum in the quality of care provided and I am certainly looking to learn the ropes with the best possible resources available to me. Figured Iíd throw the question out here as this community is so far-reaching and resourceful.

    Thank you for any bits of advice!!

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    I donít know where youíre located in Michigan, but an admin on TSB recommends Lowell Farm and Wildlife Center in Grand Rapids. I think Iíd make a call there first as they may be able to direct you somewhere closer if necessary. Your other option is to get on the NWRA website and look up all wildlife rehabbers in Michigan and make some phone calls. Some facilities only work with specific species so keep that in mind and ask if itís not posted on the website.

    Good luck!

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    And very important - when you are speaking to them, DO NOT mention your girls, and I wouldn't EVER mention them to rehab staff. It is illegal in most states to have squirrels, and many will go to ghastly lengths to enforce this.

    If you will be rehabbing in your home, bear in mind that state officials WILL have to be admitted in to see your set up, and in most states, can show up at your door at any time and demand to do so again. That, too, could be a disaster.

    It would be horrible to have your sincere desire to rehab result in your girls being confiscated and euthanized. If you are planning on releasing them in the spring, I would very strongly suggest you wait until after they are in the trees to start your quest.

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