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    I moved Jade into a bigger tote and I’m trying to litter train her but she just goes anywhere. I took some off her soiled newspaper from the old cage and put in a bowl and picked her poop up and put it in the bowl but it doesn’t seem to be working for her. What do y’all line the bottom of the cages with I put her a box in but she just plays with it and sleeps in the fabric that I lined her cage with instead of in her house. Name:  EEBE5820-D44A-4695-9B48-E9FC76E13012.jpg
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    With babies that small, I just line the incubator bin as you have with layers of fleece. The babies curl up in the fleece, and just love it. I've never given them a house at that age, they love the fleece piles. The fleece gets dirty with pee/poo everyday, and I just have a pile of fleece to replace it with and do laundry a lot in that stage.

    Once they are older, I put them in a slightly larger cage and put up a hammock. Once they are climbing more, they love to sleep in the hammock at that stage, but still soil the fleece below.

    Shortly after that, they go in a larger cage with no fleece at the bottom, newspaper or dirt, and it may be possible to give them a small tray or bowl filled with dirt that they pee in. Most just drop their poo anywhere. That's just part of working with squirrels. Not all squirrels take to being litter trained. It just is. Out in nature, they go anywhere. Apparently their pee is super nutritious for gardens and plants, so it's good that they go everywhere!

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