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    Exclamation Not mange but this was the most relevant category.

    Hello My name is Cassie. A yr and 16 days ago I took in a 3 week old male grey squirrel. I did all of the research. I syringe feed him every couple of hours with Esbilac puppy formula. Powder- so it was fresh every feeding. I weened him at about 17/18weeks old, we’ll be mostly weened himself when we started solids. He is now just over a yr old, he gets fresh veggies, fruit, minimal treats (pecans and walnuts) he also gets Henry’s healthy block “Wild bites”, we’ve tried the other flavors and this seems to be his favorite. For about 6 months now, he has had hair loss. It’s been very slow going. But it’s quite a bit now. He seems healthy otherwise. No change in stool or urine. His teeth are nice and orange and not overgrown. He’s very energetic, seems happy. I don’t see him itching very often and when he does, it’s never the bald spots. Honestly, it doesn’t seem to bother him at all. I think it bothers me more. The hair loss is on his outer thighs and base of tail, going half way down the tail on the top of the tail. No scabs or wounds or crustiness. We’ve tried coconut. Feeding it to him and rubbing the oil on him but he hates it and it doesn’t seem to help much. What could this be and how can I help him?
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