First time post!

I look after a number of wild squirrels in a local park here in the city & saw yesterday 3 young squirrels (perhaps 5 weeks old) begin to venture out of the tree den very timidly while the mother remains behind in the tree den. I know the mama is there because she often is peering out. The babies didn't get very far from the tree, and retreated back to the den after several minutes or so. I don't know how often they have ventured out like this into the world without mama. I should also note --- that she & her babies have been peer out of the den the last week and a half out of what could be great fear of the ongoing construction in the street going on in the street right below their tree. The construction is constant and a bit of a ruckus & will probably continue for two more weeks. So looking for advice. It would be greatly appreciated!

Also wondering if any of this is a sign that she is ill?
Should I worry about her & them getting food/water? Maybe she is too afraid to come down for water & food?

I always try to be careful not to attract predators or attracting people to their tree. She knows me pretty well, recognizes my calls. Feeding her since last year. But I wouldn't want to make things worse for them. Thanks....