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Thread: Salt lick for released and wild squirrels?

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    Default Salt lick for released and wild squirrels?

    Has anyone ever used a salt lick or something similar to what people leave out for deer?

    If so, did squirrels make use of it?

    I have a 3 y.o. female named Arya who was released in May 2020 after being overwintered. She has now had five litters of pups since then. I notice that she has some interesting cravings: licking the underside of the car for minutes at a times, licking metal, etc.

    And quite a few squirrels in my neighborhood will routinely lick the tar patches on the road.

    My assumption is there must be nutrients they are not getting and therefore these strange cravings.

    In Arya's case, I have given her some Henry's blocks, which she is more inclined to eat now than she was when being overwintered. I have also experimented (with no apparent success) with leaving out some FV 20/50 in a little dish to see if she would drink that.

    So in general, what I am looking at is whether there are things I can give to Arya in particular but also local squirrels in general.

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    Default Re: Salt lick for released and wild squirrels?

    Excess salt is very problematic to supply to wild squirrels.

    For the same reason that salted nuts should not be fed to squirrels; a salt lick shouldn't be provided either.

    The over consumption of salt promotes kidney stones in rodents. Excess salt also weakens their bones.

    For a balanced source of minerals, "Manu" mineral stone is a good source.

    It comes with a screw thread and wingnut, which can be attached to a wood board at a post platform feeding station.

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