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Thread: 16 Week Old Red Squirrel Not Wilding Up

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    Default 16 Week Old Red Squirrel Not Wilding Up

    Hi all!
    So I found my red squirrel, Squeegee, at around 4 weeks. That was on Mother’s Day 2022. So he is around 16 weeks now! He has been on FV 20/50 for the majority of his time with me (the first week he was on powdered puppy Esbilac while I waited for FV delivery). So concern number one, he STILL has not self-weaned. He eats his HHBs like a champ and eats veggies (he’s very picky, I have tried almost everything from the food pyramid diagram sheet from Henry’s Healthy Pets and he really only likes cauliflower and tomatoes). But despite this, he still wants his formula.

    I have also read that reds tend to wild up faster, and be just a bit more territorial/aggressive in general. Well Squeegee is just…not. I’m the only one who cared for him, but because of the setup of his supervised out-of-cage playtime sometimes my dad enters the room briefly to grab something, and he runs TOWARD the human entering. This has happened with anyone who has entered for even a moment to grab something. Runs toward them “oinking” (what I call the happy “muk-muk” sound) and immediately tries to jump onto them. When I put him back in his cage he will literally grip my fingers and lick all over my hands and FALL ASLEEP on my hand while gripping me, like making sure I don’t leave him almost.

    He is never aggressive, not even about food! He somehow found an M&M during his playtime and I immediately took it but I literally had my fingers in his mouth (knowing the risks of course) and he didn’t even chitter angrily at me. Just let me take his food. I keep trying to keep him in his cage longer without contact hoping he will lose interest in me but it only seems to make him more excited and more clingy when I do come to feed him or take him out.

    I let him sit by screens while I monitor him to hear and smell the outside world, and there are plenty of birds and squirrels and chipmunks etc for him to listen to and watch! And yet, he has never once even tried to bite his way out. In fact he gets disinterested or scared pretty quickly and just immediately runs to me! He still will climb up me in about two seconds and go in my shirt and try to get cozy and sleep.

    He doesn’t hoard food or try to make a midden, doesn’t try to nest in his nesting box despite me putting bits of cotton around his cage. I even hang bits of cotton balls from the bars of his cage hoping he will see it as a game and it will get him to forage for nesting material while climbing…he pulls the cotton and just lets it fall wherever!

    I have no idea why he isn’t seeming to access any of his wild squirrel instincts, especially as a red! He’s basically fully grown! What do I do! My local rehab center isn’t taking any new animals at the moment also, I already checked with them hoping to get him around other squirrels! I’ll attack some pics of him under this message. Thank you so much!

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