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Thread: Pinky I put on Fox Valley now has a milk line that wont go away

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    Default Pinky I put on Fox Valley now has a milk line that wont go away

    Hi everyone, sheesh been awhile. Yup still rehabbing, dogs, birds, chickens and yup squirrels,

    I havent have a pinky in YEARS until my lacy dog brought one home after a storm. She Carried that little bald pinky so carefully in her mouth, Lacy is such a big mean pit bull! We found the nest unfortunately, the other one was cold and dead.

    So that was yesterday. I started him on FV, and low and behold today the milk line is still there. So I stopped feeding immediately, but yup, its still there, so I started water every hour and tummy rubs, and pottying. That is where I am at with him.

    But reading thru the threads man , esbilac is no good for them either?

    Once I get his tummy settled and fixed, Can someone tell me what I am feeding this pinky?

    thanks everyone!!

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    Default Re: Pinky I put on Fox Valley now has a milk line that wont go away

    If this is FV 32/40 I personally would switch to Esbilac. The last go around with bad Esbilac, those all expired by 10/2021.

    I'd also encourage the use of 50% Esbilac and 50% FV 20/50 starting as early as 3 weeks old... you can stick to this through weaning. Full disclosure, my current preference is 50% Zoologic 33/40 and 50% FV 20/50 through weaning, but Zoologic is not available in smaller quantities that make sense to purchase for a singleton.

    I went to Zoologic / FV 20/50 after the most recent Esbilac debacle BUT, speaking for myself, I would use Esbilac myself if Zoologic were unavailable to me.

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    Default Re: Pinky I put on Fox Valley now has a milk line that wont go away

    Well the milk line is FINALLY receding. Up most of the night watering and pottying.

    When it is gone I will start him on Esbilac. He is 3 days old or so.

    Normally I get 3/4/5 weeks old and I been using the FV successfully with them. and when their eyes open switch them over to the 20/50 not so much with this pinky. I am thankful that I caught it right away, so he had no real bloat, or redness just a milk line that refused to go.

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    Default Re: Pinky I put on Fox Valley now has a milk line that wont go away

    firerunner, I do a fair amount of pinkies every season (because nobody else wants them!). Over the years I have learned NOT to trust FV 32/40 for any reason....6 years ago it killed a dozen or more of my pinkies and I'm not the forgiving type. I see that it continues to harden in little pinky bodies like cement, as you've described, so whatever the issue is with it, I will not recommend it for any squirrel less than 2 weeks old.

    For the first 2 weeks of life, I use Esbilac for pinkies.
    2-4 weeks old: I mix dry 3 parts Esbilac to 1 part Fox Valley Ultra Boost, then mix as usual 1:2 (powder and H20.) It has been wonderful -- chubby pinks with perfect poops.
    At 4 weeks or eyes open, I switch to 2 parts Fox Valley 20/50 with one part Ultra Boost, until weaned. This has proven to be really effective for me -- the best in the 18 years I've been rehabbing squirrels. Truthfully I have forgotten how to treat diarrhea because it simply does not happen. Good luck with your tiny one!
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    Default Re: Pinky I put on Fox Valley now has a milk line that wont go away

    thank you for this. i am new to this forum, but not life and not saving babies - although - i did think i was done with feedings and wiping butts...i avoided the NICU unit..(and cardiac)....for a reason.....

    after reading this - I have inhaled/combed thru this website/forums w/ fine toothed brain..and finding this today...I am grateful and I ordered the stuff to feed IslandRehabbers method/formula.....

    but, I am currently feeding GoatsMilk recipe and just wanted clarification on how to switch it over when my FV stuff comes today. (I am going to send the one formula back that 'turns to cement'...jesus..really??) and use the 3 to 4 weekold formula/mix you suggested.

    so, this little guy is about, and I am not really good at squirrels...i did better/more successful with kittens..but, he is about 3 weeks old, i think. Found him last Thursday, mid day - one hot, hot afternoon on my side walk in back yard - while toting water for water changes for tanks..he was writhing on trees above =nearest tree about 30 feet away and only nest in it had no activity. No mom. Tried to leave him for her to come back, but never saw any squirrels. Only seen a couple since, - but - it's too late now to try to rejoin right?

    Lots of hawks here this year..and my squirrel popupation has significantly dropped. So..even though I am still recovering from significant trauma, and putting my oldest TomCat down 2 weeks ago..I try not to ?? mother karma,
    and I picked him up, wrapped him in minkie/flannel and put him on heat pad to finish my initial tasks.

    He is only 30 grams...he is eating 0.4 to 0.9 cc per feeding - Feeding every 3.5 to 4 hours. 0700 to 0100 - (no O-rings syringes so freaking out about aspirating him). pooping well with stimulation and on his own;
    i am pretty sure that's what got the last one I tried to save. My heat pad quit - worked for several years of course when i needed it most...and I have been carrying him close to me in a 'pouch' to keep him warm. I tried to leave him in 'nest' this am to get some sleep, but when i checked temp w/ laser thermomether - it only registered 78degrees...

    the new always on comes today w/ the Henry's/FV order.

    One more ?? - What's the MILK LINE??...thanks

    experienced as I am - this is nerve wracking - and takes me back to being on call - both in career and as breast feeding mom. jezzzzz

    thanks in advance, for your input,help,advice/....anything else youd like to add..

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