I am a licensed Rehabber in Georgia. I have a NR that was bitten by a cat when he was taken from his nest at roughly 1 week. Heís has several seizures at strange times throughout his life of 2 years (when putting him back into his cage, then and only then) until yesterday. His food is Henryís blocks with veggies now with calcium and complete vitamins every 3rd day on every meal. His defecation throughout the day always has a light white sheen when dry about half the day. Heís started, the best I could describe, as a seizure storm yesterday. Heís in total had 10 yesterday and 2 since midnight last night. I canít make him stay like this all day today again. Iíve given him benedryl, meloxicam, and gabapentin, heís not been drinking great so I gave him lactated ringers solution sub-q late last night. I canít find anything in my books and my other local rehabbers are the ones who had suggested the gabapentin and didnít have any other ideas and didnít know anything about a direct anticonvulsant. Does anyone have any information on a squirrel safe anticonvulsant? My vet is on vacation until Monday. Other vets that I take rehabs from are closed on weekends. Any advise would be appreciated!