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Thread: Squirrel with tooth problem needs vet care

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    Default Squirrel with tooth problem needs vet care

    Hi everyone. I am in Portland, OR with a 4 year old squirrel that is in bad need of vet care. I have long dreaded this day would come when she would need a vet and given Oregon's laws, there is no place that I can take her here for medical care. By law Eastern Greys are illegal and must be euthanized. It's a very long story, but we have been dealing with a mouth abscess on and off for about 2 months. I've had her on SMZ-TMP and Clavamox periodically and even drained the abscess on her face once myself. She was doing great in between antibiotic rounds and draining, but the problem keeps coming back. I'm almost certain she needs tooth extraction and I know she needs a vet for this, but the problem is I cannot find anywhere to take her. The SquirrelRefuge in Vancouver, WA is close by, but they have not answered my calls or emails. She will not survive without care and I have tried everything I possibly can. Does anyone know of a vet anywhere near Portland? I would even drive some amount of distance if needed. I just want to help her. I do not want her to die from this and I'm afraid it's headed there if I don't get her help soon. Thanks for reading.

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    Default Re: Squirrel with tooth problem needs vet care

    I'd contact the Squirrel Refuge and see if they can help or recommended... this is one of the best of the best squirrel rehab places in the country and just around the corner from you.

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    Default Re: Squirrel with tooth problem needs vet care

    Spanky, I put poster in touch with Squirrel Refuge some time ago and they don't seem to be getting back to her or helping with a vet...

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