I have a 7 weeks old grey squirrel. I working on his release cage and will start the release processus next week.

But I'm now in front of an ethical dilemna. As you surely had seen in news, there are cluster of monkeypox in a lot of place in the world. I live in one of those area. Today, a case is confirm in a teenager, wich mean it is spreading in the commumity. My gouvernment choose to no isolate case contacts and the rest of the school. It's a matter of time before it's out of control.

Squirrels can have it and transmit it. I fear he get it and gives it to me when he will come see me. I also fear a panic in the population and they start to kill squirrel as chassing them is legal.

So I have that dilemna: Did I keep him as an indoor squirrel (it is legal were I live) or I'm just too woried and should continue the release processus?

Thanks you for your answers.