Hi TSB group,

Wrote last night )

Ihave 1 baby of famille of 4 who she starting to look weak. Like a woolen doll‼️
Since yesterday she doesn't want the third meal❗️ She don't gain that much weight ❗️like her brothers. She was the more active of all when they arrived.

She's kind of lethargic❗️ not having energies ❗️but some moment she fake to play. Pretty sure to not show is weekness❗️ sleep a lot❗️. She stay more on flat position like a frog to dissecte.

And I'm not sure if she as a shaky respiration❗️ or she snif snif snif to smell me❗️or now I think I can hear clicking‼️

I use only seringues with pacifier. And she never had to much to spit it by her nose
(Today I found out why?. One of my babies always bit desperately the pacifier to make a hole. SO I THINK maybe milk went in the place in her mouth)
I try to gave her 1mll of homemade pedialyte just to wake her up a little but...nada...she didn't take it and i didn't forced her.

I gave her 0.08 ml of SulfaTrim. IMO 1 shot can not kill her for by the time I'm getting some advice.

I feel something not right ...do you have a idea❓️

Maybe mistaken...I saw post of same subject you have so many wich it's so wonderfuly useful and gift to squirrel. TSB❤️

I prefer to tell my stpry to fix the right thing based on the detail in that case scenario

(Wrote today at 8pm)

This morning she was in better shape no more clicking and eat breakfast.

I gave her another 0.08ml sulfatrim and after that until now she refuse to eat milk or not even 1ml of pedialyte

What's wrong with her❓️ 🙏