Hello guys, new here. I recently found a baby squirrel near my home, didn't move at all, and had eyes closed. We gave her puppy milk and she got up and running within two days. Today we went somewhere for a couple hours and when we came back home she was bleeding from her nose and opening her mouth as if she's in pain or gasping for air. She just ate too. She's not doing the "milk seizure thing" where she's constantly opening her mouth and closing it, she mostly has it closed, but once in a while she'll open it a little and do this weird gasping noise. She ate and had an appetite, and she walked enough to cuddle herself with the warm water bottle she has in her crate. She's sleeping in there now and breathing steadily, both of her lungs are moving on her back too. She hasn't fallen, her crate is on the floor, and there's nothing for her to climb near her. Also, there are no other pets near her at all. What do I do guys, she was acting super alive and healthy in the morning and now she looks like she's about to die in a few more minutes/hours.