Cedar is the baby that came with the “lazy eye” and facial swelling. Not sure what happened , but some sort of head trauma (?) and had a puncture on her head. For the longest she would only eat soft things. She’s gradually gotten better with that. And her eye now stays open most of the time; still droops occasionally.

But, we examined her more closely, and she is blind in that eye. No menace at all. I can nearly touch her eye and no reaction ( her opposite blinks as should).

She is also exceptionally friendly in spite of minimal handling. Trust me I have not coddled her other than she had more one on one since The Quad excommunicated her.

I kept Dandies , my one eye girl, because she and her totally neuro sister were inseparable. And, it seems when I asked then, some discouraged release of a vision impaired baby.
We live /release in the woods. We have 70 acres and all the predators that come with it.

What are thoughts about her?
She can stay, if the odds would be significantly against her ,