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Thread: Rehabbing squirrel is bleeding from tail...

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    Default Rehabbing squirrel is bleeding from tail...

    I have a squirrel that was injured via car accident.
    She had fractures to base of tail (bone), pelvis (right above her squirrel lady parts, and the mickeymouse ears at the base of the spine.

    Her tail was partially amputated.

    Timeline :

    Accident april.21 :
    Vet amputated part of tail and set up pain meds for me to give while keeping her in a low mobility environment.

    Stitches removal may.5 :
    She did this herself. She was cleared to release into rehab enclosure.

    Release into outside enclosure may.9/10 :
    She got to see her kids... getting stronger with her back legs.

    May.12/13 :

    Spotted some blood where her tail rests in her perch spot. Also spotted some drops on the window to the house, which sold me on the tail.

    Visibly, her tail has a missing part of hair and makes a V with a triangle top at the end, that is pointed into the V... (shapes based on hair).

    Cage had a couple pieces of hair with scablike material.

    My biggest fear is that trying to get her to the vet might do more harm than good, since the blood is from her cleaning her tail.

    Im solid with my animal husbandry until it comes to serious vet stuff... and just need some help with what to look for, that i might be missing.

    The attached pic is the closest pic i was able to take yesterday.. right corner you can see 2 dried blood marks... ill get better pics today.

    Thanks for helping a scared guy make sure momma can get back with her kiddos!
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