Hi friends. I think I've come to a decision, but would appreciate input.

Brief background - I am caring for a coming 2-year old female Cali Ground Squirrel. I accidentally destroyed a nest and ended up with 7 approx. 4-day old babies. Raised and released the rest. Tinkerbelle lost a top tooth, and by the time she was weaning her remaining tooth was just a nub.
Since then I have been trimming her bottom teeth once a month.

This past December I noticed her sole top tooth is growing at an angle and widening out to meet the bottom teeth square. So I'm holding off on trimming to see if the issue has resolved. HOPE!

She was pretty tame until she wilded-up last Summer. Nevertheless she still lives indoors in a large habitat I built. She terrorizes our dogs and cats, and anyone who goes too close to her cage, and has no fear of anything. For example, she will come out of her nest at night if she hears a noise....(very bad idea in the wild). So, if her tooth issue has resolved, should I try to release her? Would a few days/weeks/months in the wild she has no experience with be her bliss? Or would it just be terrifying for her? I do have a fairly safe place to release her, and March is going to be the beginning of Spring and emergence/breeding season.

I cannot keep her for much longer as I will be moving and travelling later this year, and will not be able to continue to provide her care. At this point I have figured out how to handle her wild-ness, and could teach someone else to do the tooth trimming business (in case the issue has not resolved). But I hesitate to try and find someone to care for a non-releasable in a State where it is not even legal to have her.

I also can't bring myself to make the decision to euthanize her, although I believe that would be the more ethical choice than trying to release her if her tooth issue has not resolved. Wouldn't it?

I think I have decided that if it looks like the teeth have not resolved I will request to surrender her at the nearest Wildlife Rehab Center. I would want them to hear her history, but then I would leave the decisions up to them.

Please let me know your thoughts. I'm really agonizing over this.