Squeak squonk squnk chatter bawk click purr....THESE are some of the sounds our lovies make! I remember a few years back when I was newly hosting my guy, that I reported his clicking noise on this page. At first I was told he might have water in his lungs....and I totally freaked out of course. But after more talk to others here...we realized it was just him bruxing. Or at least I hope that's all it is....two years later and he's still healthy and alive...so I assume all is well lol! Then weeks later, I noticed him sigh....or seemingly expel all air from his lungs as he wound down and got sleepy towards the end of each day. Again....I freaked...but a few here said that was common...so there's that. Despite my ears never being far from him....he sits on my shoulder lots...I always wondered....why do I never hear his heart....or even hear this guy pass gas?! Just this past two weeks I do now notice...I hear more of his digestive inner workings make noise.....gurgles....coagulating. This is new and has never been audible before. What changes did I make recently? I went down from 3 to 2 Henry's blocks daily...and added a bit of coconut oil every other day or so. Are these noises normal...or healthy...or is this something to be concerned about, guys? A few months back, I spoke with a local vet about diet and she said the daily broccoli and/or cauliflower I was giving him was too much...too gassy. Said his tummy felt too firm. So I cut down to every other day on that. She also said IF I added coconut oil (which I since have) that due to it's fat content that she wasn't much a believer in using it daily. Granted....she is admittedly NOT a squirrel pro! So for the most part I took her lead on the gassy veggies...and refraining from coconut oil abuse. But these noises...normal? Thanks!!