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Thread: Wild Squirrels Chewing Patio Furniture

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    Default Wild Squirrels Chewing Patio Furniture

    Hi all. I joined in hopes of getting some ideas on how to deter wild squirrels from chewing our patio furniture. From what I've read, they are trying to use the cushion material for nest building. This is the first year we've had this issue and so far I've placed rags soaked in vinegar around the deck as well as removed the cushions for now. Right now I have a whole roll of toilet paper sitting outside with some nuts by it hoping that they will use that up and be done. LOL Any suggestions? Thank you.

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    Default Re: Wild Squirrels Chewing Patio Furniture

    In the past I have used this to repel other critters and have seen that the squirrels were not fond of it either.

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