My lil buddy have an Uti since 7-8 days (i gave him few acorns and few bites of beetroots, so i wait to see...Urine still redish/pinkish, smells bad... lick his penis more often since yesterday and often only get few drops...(oh and started to shake too when i touch him (i talked with rehab from here...and theres no vet close (even if im in big city!!but anyway...)) and tried to call on regular vet,whose does only cats and dogs saying they cant help me ! He seems getting pain !����

So , i read another post exactly for what i need, the better antibio to give.. I have prescriptions for doxycycline 100mgs and surely can have easily cipro too.

On the post i read, no dosage etc was written in! Thats what i need! Hes more lethargic AND energic, (running and lie down quick and restart that often on same place in the room since yesterday)

Sadly, i don't know his weight, the balance dont works over 500g (thats what i learned yesterday!) but he s 7-8 months...he s not fat, just regular shape for animal by touch.

If theres few things too i could give him to eat to feel better, i would take all suggestions too!

A big thanks in advance for the answers!
And more, for all what you all made with this super forum!! I read everything and everywhere but never seen the forum!! Im sooooo grateful!!����
(Sorry for mispelling and bad sentences!)